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Adam Hanson


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Adam Hanson is a native to the woods and wilderness called Borderland -- a widely unknown stretch of pristine waters and wilderness snuggling up to the Canadian border of Northern Minnesota.  Many of those who grew up there are reluctant to leave, or are beckoned back after creating careers fighting the fast-paced lifestyle in cities across America.  Many people who visit -- even once -- are drawn to the unique blend of solitude and beauty that blankets the area, drawing a large number of them back to more permanent vacations.

Finding a real estate agent who lives the local lifestyle is important in most areas of the country.  But when it comes to the Borderland Area, including International Falls, Rainy Lake, Rainy River, and the rural communities scattered across the region for about 100 miles, you will not find a better guide than Adam.  He has literally lived all aspects of that Northern Minnesota lifestyle since his youngest days, and continues to do so in his work and play.

Adam truly loves all the amazing features of life on the border, and he can fill you in on the endless opportunities for hunting, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, and all the other recreational options to be had "up north."  His in-depth knowledge of construction and marine mechanics can be incredibly beneficial to buyers who need advice on a particular property or waterfront concerns.  He also gives back to the community as a local firefighter, and is involved in many programs that benefit the area.

If you are looking for a truly good guy to help you through the northwoods real estate maze, you won't find a better one than Adam, and you will most likely create a new friend in the process.

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